Public Sector

SSR understands the highly-regulated nature of government entities, including compliance regulations and reporting. We also meet the necessary insurance requirements and hold certifications with various city, county, and state governments and organizations in and around Southeastern Wisconsin, including:

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE)
  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Wisconsin Supplier Diversity (WSD)

SSR is a proven technology services provider, and all our services can be provided directly or as a subcontractor to meet your needs.

SSR has delivered a variety of IT services and solutions for public sector organizations, including:

  • Provided on-site employees, including a developer and a network engineer, through a staffing agreement
  • Designed and implemented a disaster recovery solution for the Milwaukee Police Department, protecting business data and including a site disaster solution
  • Designed the specialized land records software system for Milwaukee County’s Register of Deeds and the platform the software runs on, including the indexing and redaction of personal data to protect consumer privacy

Our professionals have experience with software utilized in the public sector, including:

  • CDI Advantage ERP
  • Midas (Member Information Documentation Authorization System for The Milwaukee County Department of Family Care)
  • ABBYY Software
  • Laredo
  • Ceridian

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Case Study

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Plan (DRBCP)

Challenge – In Milwaukee, the office of the Employee Retirement System (ERS) is responsible for distribution of the city’s pension plan to more than 12,000 retirees. Staff was beginning the process of setting up a Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Plan (DRBCP) as a preventative measure. DRBCP is responsible for preventing unforeseen disruptions in daily operations and/or data loss. ERS needed assistance in creating a comprehensive DRBCP.

Solution – SSR was called in to formalize the plan and identify vulnerabilities including all internal and external threats that could interrupt business systems.

Result – SSR provided policies, procedures and a roadmap to the recovery of information technology and core business processes in the case of an emergency. In addition, the DRBCP offers peace of mind for ERS that the risk is diminished against sudden or unexpected losses.

“We worked with SSR to document the DRBCP,” says Kelly Reid, Chief Technology Officer for Employee Retirement System. “They came in with guidelines and standards and, over a 10-week period, coordinated the entire solution.”