IT Outsourcing – Total IT

Total IT is a scalable package of technology services designed to meet the technology needs of small to mid-sized organizations.

Total IT delivers business growth through technology services including help desk, 24/7 managed services, engineering solutions, software development, sourcing/staffing and virtual CIO services. Through these services, Total IT helps companies solve technology problems, protect technology assets, build technology functionality and programs, grow the organization and fuel it to succeed in the future.

Numerous efficiencies are gained when organizations take advantage of SSR’s Total IT:

  • Shared services / Cost model: resources are shared, providing cost reductions when compared to managing in-house resources; makes IT expenses operating versus capital expenditures
  • Gap filling and scalability: use all or just one function within Total IT; as your needs evolve and grow, your services evolve and grow with you
  • Resource redundancy: use of multiple SSR resources mitigates risk of team changes and promotes knowledge transfer

Help Desk

SSR gets and keeps you up and running, so you can attain your productivity goals. From password resets to device configurations, your end-users are able to access our engineers’ experience and knowledge.

24/7 Managed Services

SSR maintains your systems while anticipating obstacles to keep you up and running, including proactively checking systems, installing patches and making necessary updates.

Engineering Solutions

SSR Field Engineers immerse themselves in your culture, IT environment, and business goals. They remediate critical issues, manage your IT environment on an ongoing basis, and identify areas of improvement based on your current needs and future plans.

Software Development

SSR moves your business forward by creating applications that improve efficiencies and communications. We develop software that optimally presents information to both your internal and external customers, including system integrations and data visualization.

Sourcing & Staffing

SSR’s unique approach to staffing begins with our four-step sourcing process. We further vet candidates through background screening, IT testing and personality assessments.

Virtual CIO

SSR leads your organization to a higher level of performance and efficiency in your IT operations while aligning your IT strategy with your business plans. With SSR’s Virtual CIO, your company can gain the knowledge and experience of global IT leadership without the investment of a full-time leader.

Total IT Delivers Business Growth

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Client Testimonial: Total IT

Total IT by SSR allowed American Roller Company to use technology to differentiate from competitors, put common processes into place across many locations, and move IT execution to a firm that provided the expertise, technology, and infrastructure they needed to help them to continue to grow.