Video Conference Call Guide

video conference guide download button 162x300 - Video Conference Call GuideVideo can be distracting when not done correctly. Contribute to a successful and productive video conference call by looking attentive and sounding clear – follow these best practices.

Meeting Roles Defined

Meeting roles are even more important during conference calls whether video or audio-only since many non-verbal cues and feedback are removed when remote. Define and communicate these roles prior to starting the meeting.


ultimately responsible for the meeting and tackling the agenda


responsible for maintaining the flow of conversation

  • Note or highlight anyone that raised their hand to speak
  • Keep an eye on the chat dialogue box
  • Help sort out whenever people speak up at the same time

Note taker:

responsible for taking notes and sharing with attendees to confirm items discussed, outcomes, and action items


responsible for being attentive, contributing to the conversation at appropriate times, and doing your best to keep distractions to a minimum and comments/questions on-point

How to look professional and attentive on your video conference call

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Make eye contact with the camera

  • Position the camera at eye level
  • Don’t look at yourself
  • When speaking look at the camera
  • When someone else is speaking look at their video
  • When using multiple screens, open your notes application or reference materials on the screen with the camera

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Positioning and lighting

  • Natural light in front of you is best – never position yourself with the brightest light behind you
  • Test your camera position (most offer a preview before you sign on) to make sure you are far enough away to show your whole head and enough of your upper body to see hand motions

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Audio factors

  • Make sure only one microphone is on to avoid feedback
  • Mute is the default and unmute to speak – lessens distracting noises like typing
  • If on an audio-only call that you are not leading, state your name prior to each time you speak

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Connection back-up

  • If your connection is unstable, log on by computer for video and dial in by phone for audio
  • Make sure your computer microphone is turned off
  • Make sure you are using your cellular service (versus WIFI) if using a mobile phone

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Background considerations

  • Declutter surfaces or position yourself directly in front of a wall
  • Use the blur-background setting or load an image for your background (you can have fun with this, but be professional)

Summary: improve communication and productivity with video conference call

  • Assign roles to help communicate and capture all ideas
  • Present yourself in a professional manner to communicate both verbally and non-verbally
  • Set up your conference call technology to help you be an attentive and active participant
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